Drums Aren’t Just for Music: They’re Therapy, Too!
Not only is it fun to drum with a group of people, but there is a growing body of research that shows how hand drumming, especially in a group, has a positive effect on Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Depression, PTSD, Immune Function and so much more…check out this article to learn more about the positive effects of hand drumming!

How Did That Rhythm Go Again??
Did you ever learn a rhythm and forget how it went as soon as you got home? Or couldn’t remember what it was traditionally played for? Or which hand you should be using to play which note? Or just want to learn more? Here are two great resources worth checking out:

**Keep going to classes and workshops….these are excellent, but can’t replace what a teacher can give you!**


  1. West African Percussion Box notation by Paul Nas and others
    Now, keep in mind that what is written here may vary from what you’ve learned. In a perfect world the traditional rhythms would all be taught exactly the same way, but they’re not. It depends who you learned it from, who they learned it from, what version they learned (village, Conakry-style, solo accompaniment, etc etc etc). BUT…all that said, this is a great resource if you want to browse through rhythms, practice reading box notation, or to refresh whether or not Kassa is the harvest rhythm or the fishing rhythm (not sure? Click here to find out!)
  2. Piti Piti Pa by Dave Poirier, Catherine Veilleux and Others
    Finally! An app for your Apple or Android device!  Piti Piti Pa is awesome. It has tons of rhythms on it and is only $3.99! And the best part is, you can slow down or speed up the tempo, and you can listen with all parts put together or isolate the part(s) you want to hear. It also shows the rhythm visually as it goes along and you can clearly see the bass, tone and slap as they happen. Check out this video to learn more and see the app in action……and then head on over to the app store to download it! It’s worth every penny (actually, worth more than what they’re charging!) You will take your practice and understanding to another level and support a genius designer out of Gatineau as well as Catherine and all the other masters who contributed – and continue to contribute more rhythms! Love this app!

Drumming Is Good For You!
It’s one thing to say that drumming builds skills in emotion management, focus and listening….or that it reduces stress….or that it helps depression….or just about anything else that you can think of………..but do you want some proof?  Like, real proof…with charts and everything?

Check out this study done with at-risk grade 5 students and learn how this “non-verbal, universal activity that builds upon a collectivistic aspect of diverse cultures and does not bear the stigma of therapy” is making a big impact!

Why Should You Drum?
The truth is that it’s getting hard to find a reason NOT to drum! has a great article (with references!) on the many benefits of hand drumming.  Whether you’re looking to reduce stress, combat depression, boost your energy and your immune system, control chronic pain or simply have a good time: grabbing a few friends and a djembe seems to be the answer!

Click on the link to read more about the benefits of drumming.