Life is Rhythm
“Life doesn’t stand still, it’s constantly moving.  It has rhythm.  The word for rhythm (used by the Malinke tribes) is FOLI.  It is a word that encompasses so much more than drumming, dancing, or sound.  It is found in every part of daily life.  In this film, you not only hear and feel rhythm, but you see it.  It’s an extraordinary blend of image and sound that feeds the senses and reminds us all how essential it is.”

Thank you to Thomas Roebers and Floris Leeuwenberg for making this film.

Video:  There Is No Movement Without Rhythm

Trees for the Future & the DJEMBEFOLEY Shop!
Starting in 2018, we teamed up with Trees for the Future to plant trees for every item sold! I chose to work with this organization because of it’s holistic and sustainable approach to helping people. Forest garden programs are happening in Guinea, Senegal, Cameroon, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda – and depending on the item, we are donating up to 50% of our profits towards these programs. 25 trees will be planted for each djembe and item of adult apparel, and 15 trees will be planted for everything else!

You can check out their video if you have about 20mins, or see below for more info.

Video:  Forest Gardens are Ending Hunger and Poverty 


TREES is an awesome organization that helps farmers in different countries throughout Africa to replenish the land by planting trees (this is also good for everyone!), to re-nourish their soil and learn about planting different types of crops. Many farms are mono-crop and it’s hit or miss for them. If it’s a bad year, they get nothing. If it’s a good year, they could get one pay day that year and when the money is gone that’s it. The soil gets drier and drier as trees are cut for cooking wood, agriculture, etc, and it’s just a downward spiral from there. TREES works with the farmers to teach them how to plant trees, crop pair (for pests, etc), and helps them learn better growing techniques (and more!). The farmers take ownership by planting the trees and doing the work and are rewarded with better soil = better crops = nourishing organic food to feed their families = extra food to sell at the market to become even more independent = wood for fuel and food for their animals. TREES works with them so that they can develop a sustainable way of life and become independent. They are giving people everything they need so they can become self-reliant and flourish. Basically, they are changing lives and are just amazing! If you want more info you can check them out here.